Goals and Priority Sectors

Commensurate with the establishment of the Leadership Team and Mission, the Network has set for itself six goals and three priority sectors.

1. Create a series of integrated, team-based, medical innovation and commercialization hubs that will capitalize on London’s strength in medical research and health care delivery.

2. Add quantifiable economic value to London’s economy, attract new industry and help create new knowledge-based, long-term jobs.

3. Collaborate with London’s impressive hospital network and cache of health care assets to create better patient outcomes.

4. Create opportunities for long-term youth employment and local business.

5. Improve patient care locally, nationally and globally.

6. Operate the Network in a sound and financially self-sustaining manner.

The Network has also identified and prioritized those select areas of medical research in London that best lend themselves to immediate and impactful innovation and commercialization opportunities. The first three target sectors in order of priority are:

I: Musculoskeletal and Brain Health,

II: Bio-Medical Devices and Advanced Simulation,

III: Bio-Medical Imaging.

Overall, London’s rich health care legacy and extensive array of medical and research assets has uniquely positioned the community to seize this opportunity and allow it to assume a place among the global leaders in health care.

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