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  • Materially advance innovation and industry in healthcare.

  • Materially advance innovation and industry in healthcare.

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The Returns

Initiative currently valued at $124 million
Nearly 400 new long terms jobs
Estimated $40 Million in value to local economy annually
Estimated 60% return in investment
Nearly $60 million in indirect employment

The Game Plan

In an effort to materially advance innovation and industry, London’s health care leaders have united around a common purpose, to expand upon the community’s extensive health care strengths and establish the London Medical Innovation and Commercialization Network; a cross-discipline, world-class enterprise that will initiate and translate medical discoveries into market-ready health care solutions, contributing to a healthier world and a wealthier local economy.
The Network will harness the expertise of some of the world’s top clinicians and scientists together with Industry and entrepreneurs to create a collaborative, team-based network that will focus on resolving some of the world’s more challenging health care problems and then commercializing these advances for economic and social gain. 

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London’s medical and scientific sector specializations.

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